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Tale Tues: Why Moms Can’t Get Sick

There should be a law against mothers getting sick. A law of nature. Of our biological composition. So that from the second we commence our 24-hour-a-day vocation of raising children from scary 104-feverish infants through whining-hormonal teenage years, we never … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: The Barking!

Our new pup is so damn cute! Isn’t he? Those floppy ears? Earnest eyes? Pin It He is cute. Really. And I adore him. Just as I adored my newborn. He was really cute too! Pin It What I hadn’t … Continue reading

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BlogFest 2012: Living your dream

This is  #6 prompt for Blogfest 2012; Join in the daily blogging fun! Am I living my dream? Hmmm. Life is made up of many dreams we’d like to live, depending on where we are on its radar screen. As a child, … Continue reading

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