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Tale Tues: A Broken Wrist and Brilliant Fish

“Oh, look at that one!” My mother pointed a crooked arthritic finger at a brilliant blue-and-yellow fish circling the tank. I had wheeled my mother around so that she could face the voluminous salt-water tank, the centerpiece of the orthopedist’s … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Finding Peace in the Broken

“I’m alive!” It was 7 am. I had just poured my first cup of coffee when my mother called to report that “they” had been wrong: “They told me I was going to die, but I woke up this morning … Continue reading

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Stress and Germinating Grief

“You look tired.” This astute observation didn’t come from a friend or family member. Not from my husband, certainly not my boys who’ve been subsisting on candy canes off our Christmas tree; not from my mother’s new live-in aide who … Continue reading

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Tale Tuesday: The Huge Little Things

It is – however Hallmarkish the saying – the little things that matter. And I don’t actually mean that, picking out the perfect Hallmark card every Mother’s Day, which I do, spending countless minutes in front of the sappy Hallmark … Continue reading

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