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Stress and Germinating Grief

“You look tired.” This astute observation didn’t come from a friend or family member. Not from my husband, certainly not my boys who’ve been subsisting on candy canes off our Christmas tree; not from my mother’s new live-in aide who … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Why Moms Can’t Get Sick

There should be a law against mothers getting sick. A law of nature. Of our biological composition. So that from the second we commence our 24-hour-a-day vocation of raising children from scary 104-feverish infants through whining-hormonal teenage years, we never … Continue reading

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My Last Disney Foray — Really

I’m almost Disney done. REALLY. Here are some hot pics; the kind of hot I’ve been hyping on, when the common northeasterner visits the Bahamas in 100-plus temps: Pin It I’m dying. Pin It Daddy marching bravely head-on into blazing … Continue reading

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Tale Tuesday: The Huge Little Things

It is – however Hallmarkish the saying – the little things that matter. And I don’t actually mean that, picking out the perfect Hallmark card every Mother’s Day, which I do, spending countless minutes in front of the sappy Hallmark … Continue reading

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The Tale That Almost Didn’t Get Told

I missed my Tuesday Tale. And it’s not as if I don’t have a tale to tell. It’s more that I’ve been riding a relentless wave of physical and emotional exhaustion. Well, maybe there’s a tale in that, this wave … Continue reading

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