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My mother Elizabeth Sloan Tyler September 9, 1918 – to April 16, 2015

My best friend; my life-long mentor and biggest advocate: “I love this earth. I don’t want to leave it.” And she fought very hard not to leave it, to the very end, early yesterday morning. Her reverence for this earth … Continue reading

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Deathwatch and Deflected Moments

As my mother continues to deteriorate, I can wish she’d been taken by the aspiration pneumonia. When her blood pressure plummeted to 58/40, her pulse 30 – occasionally flatlining – and I was told she had anywhere from a few … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Like Me

“Don’t be like me.” This is something my mother has been saying to me all of my adult life. And she said it just the other day as I sat by her hospital bed, one hand, as always, clasping that … Continue reading

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What Color Are My Mother’s Blue Eyes?

My mother’s eyes. Blue. And I am anxious, as a writer, to describe that blue exactly: The complex sheen of a blue jay feather? The polychromatic blue of a dying match? The sharp blue of a crisp autumn sky? The … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Hands

My mother is never settled. She is always traveling. And she is tired of it. “I’m tired, tired, tired! I want to go home!” she can cry. “I’ve been here and there, moving too much and I need to go … Continue reading

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