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Ashes and Lent

When my mother died, I had an agenda you don’t know you have until someone central to your existence is gone. This was mine: • First, empty the most personal of properties, her vanity. Her lipsticks. She kept on her … Continue reading

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Deathwatch and Deflected Moments

As my mother continues to deteriorate, I can wish she’d been taken by the aspiration pneumonia. When her blood pressure plummeted to 58/40, her pulse 30 – occasionally flatlining – and I was told she had anywhere from a few … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: You Think I’m Crazy

My mother called. While I was digging the gizzard out of a chicken, or whatever that nasty nauseatingly brownish-gray innards thing is. “We need to talk about this. Why you would  do such a thing.” Do what, Mom? “Take the … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Dementia, The Slow Disaster

“I can deal with shit.” I was making dinner. My mother’s aide had called me. “But not the constipated.” She went on to tell me about having to put her finger up past “clients’” butts when not even enemas did … Continue reading

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