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I’m imprisoned

A-Z challenge: Today is letter I! “I’m imprisoned.” Jenna’s mother sat on the edge of her bed, sifting through mail she’d brought her from the post office, on her weekly visit. That’s where she found her most days when Jenna … Continue reading

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Great God, Good Gracious

A-Z April Challenge: Today is Letter G! “Great God.” Her daughter stood in her bedroom doorway, gaping at the TV. How it had landed at an odd angle on the floor. Its screen cracked from hitting the edge of the … Continue reading

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A-Z Challenge: Today’s letter is F! She’d fallen again. She’d leaned on the television instead of the wall for support. The television went down with her. And the first thing Marge thought as she lay there on her bedroom floor … Continue reading

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B is for Broken

A-Z Challenge: She was broken. Her husband of 40 years had died, collapsed while mowing the lawn on a muggy August day, and she broke. She did not shatter like a glass dropped onto her kitchen tile floor, but broke … Continue reading

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D is for Dragons

My six year old dreamt that he was bitten on the leg by a nine-headed dragon, and woke up complaining that he couldn’t go to school.“You think your teacher will believe you were bit by a dragon?” I asked.“You just … Continue reading

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