About Sandra

Sandra Tyler is the author of two novels, Blue Glass (A New York Times Notable Book of the Year)  and After Lydia, both published by Harcourt Brace.

She was awarded her MFA  from Columbia University, New York, NY; she is a professor of  fiction, having taught on both the graduate and undergraduate levels, including at Columbia University and Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT;  editorial assistant at Glamour magazine, as well as at Ploughshares and the Paris Review literary magazines.

Presently, she is a freelance editor, thesis reader, judge for Stony Brook University’s annual national fiction undergraduate contest. She is at work on her third novel.

She is Editor-in-Chief of  The Woven Tale Press, the creative web’s premiere e-magazine.


* A 2013 BLogher.com Voice of the Year

•MacDowell Colony Fellowship

•Virgina Center for the Creative Arts Fellowship

•Grant from the New York Public Library (“Literary Legacies: Women in the Twentieth Century”)

•Four Graduate fiction Fellowships, awarded by Columbia University

•The Peter Burnett How Prize for Fiction, awarded by Amherst College

•The Corbin Prize for Fiction, awarded by Amherst College

•First Prize for Fiction,  awarded by the National League of American Pen Women





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  1. M.J. Wille says:

    Hey Sandra. I saw your comment on my blog reminding me about the Writing Workshops. I have been looking through your new site (love it, btw) and was wondering how often and when you post the writing prompts. The only one I can find is from the 29th of June and it looks like that linky is closed. I’m excited to be joining up. Also, would you be interested in critiquing a romantic sci-fi novel? I’m desperately looking for a CP. Or, if you’re not interested, do you know someone who might be?

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Sandra, check out this blog: http://4amwriter.com/2012/12/16/4ams-thanksgiving-part-iii/#comments as well as the two previous posts that are linked there. I wanted to recommend to 4amwriter some of your earlier posts on your mother’s situation, but I can’t find them again! You don’t seem to have a list of all your earlier posts. Anyway, I think we who have experiences of caring for independent-minded mothers should stick together!

    • Sandra says:

      just checked it out, nice site. Thank you. No I don’t have a list of my blogs, should I? maybe that’s a plugin I neglected….

      • I was trying to find your posts written after your mother fell and about your struggles to find her a compatible caregiver, etc. I thought Kate (4amwriter) might take comfort therein! But I can’t find them again. Blogger automatically provides a Blog Archive with links to previous months and years. Wait a minute – I just located your List of Categories. I suppose I could find them under Elderly or Motherhood. 🙂

  3. Very interesting blog! It stood out straight away that your posts are written like chapters of a novel.

    I like it, and it brought a smile to my face in a world of numerous faceless blogs!

  4. I was laughing while reading about your mechanic and transmissions troubles. I had a 1980 Chevy Impala, and had to drive it backwards for a month because the transmission I had replaced by a self-made wannabe mechanic, would not permit forward gears. I had to sell the puppy. Anyway, I noticed you are an author, too, and wonder if you have any advice for this budding novelist (me), as to how i go about finding folks to review my novel? Thanks. I enjoyed reading your blog. My ebook is free if you care to read it, its my first novel on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Girl-Without-Borders-ebook/dp/B00F21WQ5E

    • Sandra says:

      Sorry so long to respond. But laughed out loud at the image of someone having to drive around backwards, how that might…work? As to reviewing, sorry I wish I had some leads but I’m not at that point with my own latest work. And in the age of e-books, I’m in the dark still:) good luck though!

  5. Hi Sandra! I love the blog. I’m just following up on sending you my website in an email a week or so back. Did you get? If not my domain is “jensnorman.com”. great to meet you at the gallery, and I hope to keep in touch. Keep up the great work and all the best!

  6. Susan Kane says:

    Your work impresses and astounds me. I truly hope there is a book about this time leading up to your precious mother’s death. Yes?

  7. Susan Kane says:

    Your work impresses and astounds me. I truly hope there is a book about this time leading up to your precious mother’s death. My husband’s mother (who I called Mom for the last 43+ years) died Feb. 5, just a few weeks ago. I thought of your words just a few days ago.

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