Learning How to See

My mother, a professional artist, who passed last Thursday,  4/16/15, was my greatest teacher–the one who taught me how to “see.”

And then how to translate that seeing, to recreate reality into the transcendent of one’s own unique and memorable statement. For her it was the visual arts. For me writing. But the same lesson applied.

Here she is at work on her own “statement,” which was always the canvas. Which she really worked – with brushes and palette knives, but also textures, and her bare hands. She worked those paintings until she got her statement exactly right. Until she had said what she needed to say:



About Sandra

Author;editor of The Woven Tale Press at thewoventalepress.net; mother; weaver
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5 Responses to Learning How to See

  1. Very sorry for your loss.

  2. Elizabeth Thomas says:

    It’s wonderful to see these photos of her, when she was still herself, in full possession of her vision, and possessed by the need to express it.

  3. raphaela says:

    It was a joy to see the photos of your mother at work. All my love is with you. xxx

  4. Susan Kane says:

    Those paintings!! And your mother so vibrant, like her colors! Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Again, I am sorry for her passing.

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