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Tale Tues: Dementia, The Slow Disaster

“I can deal with shit.” I was making dinner. My mother’s aide had called me. “But not the constipated.” She went on to tell me about having to put her finger up past “clients’” butts when not even enemas did … Continue reading

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Tale Tues (on Thurs): Excavating Gerbil Bones

“Mom, can I keep Bochy’s bones?” Boch was our gerbil who’d just passed away. Big Bro was brushing his teeth before bed. I shouldn’t have been surprised by this bone question, as he is a deeply sentimental child; he has … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Well…

…gosh, you all must think I have nothing left to write about. Ha! I have too many stories to tell, some too real to read like anything more than fiction. If I could only find a moment to tell these … Continue reading

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