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Tale Tues On Friday: Back-to-School Mad Moms

Yes, Tale Tues is tardy again. Because on Tues I had a tantrum and tore the phone off the wall to hurl onto front lawn. Not as satisfying as an old cord phone which might have left a gaping hole … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Midlife Crisis With Breast Cups

Midlife crisis? Well let’s see. I know this much: something happens when this perimenopausal, possibly already meno, mother goes away. Rather, when I abandon the house to all the family testosterones, both big and small, for a weekend. Even when … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Putty Robots and the Wilted Lily

So sue me. My Tale Tues is on a Thursday. Because at this point in sultry summer, this is me: Actually, supposedly a “robot” that Big Bro made first day of  robotics science camp. The place I stuck the boys, … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Birch Birds and Masticating Boats

We’re in New Hampshire. I packed for summer. You know, shorts, bathing suits…for hot weather. It’s freezing. Gale winds. Whistling around the corners of this cute little cottage, a prelude to some freak summer nor’easter. It’s August. Poor Gramma can feel … Continue reading

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