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The Woven Tale Press Issue #5 Now on E-Stand!

I haven’t yet gotten to my Loot post as promised (I’m sure you’re on edge), but needed to get out the August issue of the Woven Tale Press, blogosphere’s premiere blogging magazine! I like using the work “premiere” because I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Loot and Getting Lost

I’ve never been to a BlogHer conference before so this may not be the norm. But you can get lost. Well maybe not other more savvy conference bloggers, but I did. A lot. Which meant a lot of unnecessary retracing of mileage. In … Continue reading

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Bloggy Blogging from BlogHer

Second day of the conference in Chicago and this is my view from my Sheraton window: Ok, not a huge deal to you, but I don’t travel much. Certainly not by plane, not since my honeymoon twelve years ago … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tale Tues: Mirror Neurones and Summer Weeds

This is the summer of neglect. Spiders on our front porch smugly spin their webs like unsupervised teenagers, no one threatening to break up their intricate spinning-web parties. Occasionally I’ll gaze at them, in a kind of stupor, before unlocking … Continue reading

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