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Tale Tues: Irregular Heart Beats and a Coughing Dog

It was our usual atypical school morning, when the dog may poop on the door mat or kids forget their backpacks. The dog was gag/coughing under the kitchen table. “Mommy, why’s he doing that?” Little Bro was picking at his … Continue reading

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The Woven Tale Press Issue #2…

…is now on the e-newsstand! Click on cover to go to the issue:   An eclectic culling of the blogging web. Read, submit, subscribe! Follow @cmsvoteup

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Waste Not, Want…More?

Alphabe-Thursday: Letter W “Waste not, want not.” Her mother’s motto forever, but one far more pronounced as she grew older. On Jenna’s weekly visits, she found rinsed-out freezer bags from the dinners she’d brought her mother, in the dish drain. … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Magic and Missing Thumbs

“Go practice you magic,” I nag Little Bro. I nag daily. As I nag him to keep track of his tricks. He’s lost cards to his magic deck; the fuzzy balls to his disappearing-balls-under-cups trick; my own spare change, quarters … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Nonsense

A little offbeat from my usual Tues Tales as I’m treading deep A-Z waters. Today is letter N. “Nonsense.” Seriously Mom, you shouldn’t be driving long distances anymore.” This was before Marge lost her license driving into the wall of … Continue reading

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