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Tale Tues: Why Moms Can’t Get Sick

There should be a law against mothers getting sick. A law of nature. Of our biological composition. So that from the second we commence our 24-hour-a-day vocation of raising children from scary 104-feverish infants through whining-hormonal teenage years, we never … Continue reading

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The Diapered Chicken Continued….

Alphabe-Thurs Letter Prompt this week is N! “This is nuts. You’ve gone nuts, Mom….” That’s all Marge’s daughter could say about her taking in the stray hen that had been living under her deck. They were sitting at Marge’s kitchen … Continue reading

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The Diapered Old Hen

Trifecta word challenge. This week’s word is exhaust with the third definition: 3a : to consider or discuss (a subject) thoroughly or completely     b : to try out the whole number of <exhausted all the possibilities>   Marge thought she’d … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: The Anatomy of a Toaster

Guess what! It’s winter break! You know, that week in the dead of February when for some dang reason kids don’t have to attend school. So their parents can skyjack them off  to warmer climates. Bermuda! Jamaica! Florida! The Bahamas! … Continue reading

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Old-Post Resurrection Hop: Let There be No Light

This is a blog hop. Link up your favorite old posts as new ones and get more exposure! Link up and copy code below: The refrigerator light was out for a good month. It was a wonderful month! Since I couldn’t … Continue reading

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