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Tale Tues: Posting Early…

…as on Tues I’ll be stuck in New Year’s Day traffic after my in-laws wing-ding-noise-maker New Year’s eve party (to give you an idea, at Easter they serve vodka-spiked jello eggs): Life can be too damn interesting for the sake … Continue reading

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Alphabe-Thurs: Frantic

Alphabe-Thurs The Letter E. Link up with Jenny Matlock! The littler things could make her frantic. Misplaced car keys. A burnt out brake light. Lost shoe. The keys were always found, sometimes in confounding places, like the frog bowl. Light … Continue reading

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Saturday Census: White Snow. Bright snow.

This is a link up to Jenny Matlock’s weekend Saturday hop, prompt, white snow, bright snow…. White snow. Bright snow. Pink at night when at ten, she’d sat on her window seat in the dark and wrote her very first … Continue reading

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The Letter E for Elation

E is for elation, or lack there of, as part of Jenny’s Matlock’s weekly Letter hop: She tried to remember the last time she felt elated. It might have been as long ago as forty-nine years, when she found out … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: True School Trip Confessions

Ok, I admit. I’m not a mom super eager to attend every single one of my children’s school trips. In fact, not many, if any of them. There’s a reason I stopped birthing children after two. I don’t like crowds of … Continue reading

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