Tale Tues Early: Pre-Sandy Wrath and Outages

This is what our freezer looks like:

Last night, my husband asked if we had any more of his favorite low-cal ice cream sandwiches.

I said I didn’t remember seeing them.

“I think they’re in there…” he said, staring at the jumble of ice bags.

I wondered if he thought I’d been smart at least, to have such foresight to do as the newscasters told us, to fill freezer bags of water to keep the freezer cold when we’ll lose power. In Irene, we’d thrown a ton of food away.

He shut the freezer door, looking forlorn. I didn’t ask.

Now I had to think about this. When the power does go out (which it will) I’ll have to take out all those bags to find not only the melting ice cream sandwiches, but thawing meats, which means leaving the freezer open too long to find whatever the heck is in there.

But this is how I do things. Despite the ice bags, our freezer is a jumbled unorganized mess, anyway, as is our linen closet which my mother always likes to remark on when she visits.  As is our hall closet, a jumbled mess of shoes and tennis rackets, fallen windbreakers from hangers. Un-found fake gold coins littering the floor from Kenny’s pirate birthday party a year ago.

Truthfully, the only place worthy of being a jumbled mess is the kitchen  “junk” drawer – you can’t organize junk, loose picture hangers, scotch-tape, old birthday candles etc. I’m much better at shoving things out of sight and quite content with that mere illusion of organization.

Which usually isn’t a problem until it comes to power outages and freezer bags.

Otherwise we’re well stocked on batteries, as our boys don’t like sleep in the dark so I know at least one flashlight will have to be on all night.

What I didn’t buy was a new bottle of miracle cleaner for the not-quite-house -trained pup. Actually, as of this week he’s only pooped in the house once!

Now he may be back to pooping in the house (as well as piddling), as I don’t think I will be walking him for a few of days. Even this morning (and Sandy hasn’t even hit yet) he nearly blew away like Toto when I took him out for his pee:

He looks a bit wind whipped, yes? Freaked?

Let’s hope he doesn’t poop in unlit corners where Daddy might go, like over by the coffee maker before he remembers that turning it on won’t do anything. (Daddy who tolerates the dog, but has not quite entirely warmed up to him; someone asked if he was a boy or girl and he admitted he really wasn’t sure. Oddly, his focus has been on Ryan’s frog who is in a greenish stagnate fishbowl: “Don’t we have an old fish tank in the basement? To make him a real home? It’s terrible a creature of God should have to live like that.” Misplaced soft spot for pup?)

Anyway, wanted to post some kind of Tues Post on Monday, as we may be in the dark and disconnected and left only with real books to read and relearning to write by longhand by tomorrow.

Though I do have this secret terribly selfish pleasure to admit: I have been enjoying seeing my nickname in red lights all over the local news, CNN etc. “Sandy will cause massive outages.” “Sandy will cause catastrophic” this and that.

And I tell everyone who asks why am I doing this, to please have mercy, that if I’d only gotten a little more attention, been wined and dined a bit, maybe gifted with a Starbucks gift card, I would have reconsidered taming my tides….if not my winds (ever read my Hurricane Momma post?)

Now need to go deal with the freezer bags.

Love you all. And pray please, that our drain does not get so clogged with leaves that our basement floods once again.

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15 Responses to Tale Tues Early: Pre-Sandy Wrath and Outages

  1. Will be thinking of you – you sound more prepared than we were for Hurricane Ivan back in 2004. You should fare well. 🙂

  2. The snow storm that is linking up with You (“Sandy”) blew through here (Colorado Springs) two or three days ago, making cold temps, a few slick roads, and a small amount of snow. They always intensify as they move out onto the plains and eastward. Today it will be in the sixties and dry, and Halloween will be 70 and beautiful for once! Eat your heart out! 😉 N0, it’s not funny! — I’ll be thinking about all my cyberfriends back east and wishing you and all of them luck!
    BTW, our weatherman will say when it’s windy, we’re issuing a small-dog advisory!

  3. I’ve never been in anything close to a hurricane, we didn’t have them in Africa and I don’t think there’s ever been one in Southern California. So while it sounds exciting to me (I love any kind of different weather), I have seen what they can do. Stay safe. And keep an eye on Toto (I always feel so sorry for the animals in storms).

  4. An ice chest might be your best bet–that’s what we always used. Get out the flashlights and board games because it’s going to be a long week. Look at the bright side–I’m sure you’ll get another great blog post out of this!

  5. Amy Morgan says:

    Sounds like your sense of humor will definately pull you through Sandra – keep on smiling!

  6. kgwaite says:

    Just lost our chimney cap. Took down a neighbor’s limb before it flew off and still have power! Here’s hoping. We’re totally unprepared as we were out of town until last night. Candles? Two stubs. Flashlights? One.

  7. I would recommend going ahead and passing out those ice cream sandwiches. They are hard to freeze anyway and will be the first thing to go. You take care of yourself.

  8. Do be safe. I hope that poor little puppy doesn’t get too traumatized. 🙁

  9. Donna says:

    How are things now? We’d love to know.

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