I’m honored to have been rewarded the Fabulous Blog Ribbon by The Giggling Truckers Wife who can take the ordinary moment and turn it into something extraordinary.
And to accept I’m supposed to share 5 things I love, 5 I hate and pass it onto 5 favorite bloggers.
Things I love:
1). my boys who can make me laugh but I still love them when they can make me cry (or does this count as two?)
2). My husband even though after 12 years of marriage he can still piles clothes on a chair instead of putting them away.
3). Our gerbils
4). The way the green of trees is fluorescent against a stormy sky
5). The extremely rare pedicure
5 Things I hate:
1). Stepping on stray Legos
2). When the washing machine floods the basement
3). pulpy peaches
4). cleaning the gerbil cage
5). Cleaning the frog’s bowl
And five favorite bloggers:
Visit these guys, they will brighten or enlighten your day!

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Author;editor of The Woven Tale Press at thewoventalepress.net; mother; weaver
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  1. Congratulations, Sandra! This is well deserved. Thanks so much for thinking of me to pass it on to! I’m honored. Now you’ve given me something to think about…five loves and hates? Hmmm….may take a little while. You’ve pick a great bunch of bloggers, too–some of my own favorites. Thank you again for including me in such company.

  2. austine says:

    I’m a fellow writer, this is my co-authored book site.

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  4. Laila says:

    Congrats Sandra!:)

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