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Late! For the Stingrays!

We were late!  We’d forgotten when booking this Disney cruise we’d also booked “Swimming with the Stingrays” on beautiful sweltering Castaway Disney Island. At 11am! We remembered only because we noticed – at around 10:50 – an 11:00 activity booking … Continue reading

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Disney Reality

Here’s what I have to say about a magical day at Disney: Not everyone’s Disney day is so magical. Maybe it would have been if there had been a single breeze to ruffle the stifling 100-degree temps. Our boys were … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: From Out on Rocking Seas

At first, the boys thought the heaving and rocking of this ginormous Disney ship was great fun! After all, it was the first night of our seven-day cruise. We were sitting at dinner when the rocking, swaying, began. “Wow, you … Continue reading

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Those BIG Things That Matter

You know my last post about those little things that matter? Like carving into tennis balls as tough as cowhide, for your mother’s walker? Well, there are those big things that matter too. Big (f—–g!) things that seem little at … Continue reading

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Sandra’s Writing Workshop Community

Ya see it? Up above this post. Yeah, right there!  Click on that new Writing Workshop Community Page; more pages scroll down…believe me, this was a feat figuring that out, so whether or not you sign up, give me credit … Continue reading

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