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Workshop Guest Post: Julie Jordan Scott from Julie Unplugged

This week, my Writing Workshop Hop prompt was to write in the “close” first person point of view. All the points of view are worthy reads – You’ll find some rich writing linked up here! Follow @cmsvoteup

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The Plea

Trifecta weekly word challenge: “new”: This was new to her. This affinity she had with amphibians. Rather, water frogs. Her son’s African Dwarf, actually. He’d won the dull little brown frog in the classroom lottery, bringing him home in a … Continue reading

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Last Call!

This is the last day to link up with Sandra’s first prompt for her writing workshop hop. Thank you to all who have linked up and be sure to read each other’s “manuscripts”; make thoughtful but kind comments. All writers … Continue reading

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Tale Tuesday: Oh, Shut up

This post is featured this week on Pin It Oh, shut up. That nasty little phrase can be on the tip of my tongue all day. Like a Tic Tac, a nasty milk-sour one, that just won’t dissolve. I … Continue reading

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The Comet Homework

Trifecta weekend challenge: It wasn’t the first time he’d forget his homework. He’d had to write about a comet: “A frozen mixture of ice, dust and rock.” But so what. It’s really just a giant dirty snowball. In space, that’s … Continue reading

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