Sandra’s Writing Workshop Hop!

This “workshop” is for anyone interested in fiction writing, be it veterans or first-timers. We are a kind, informal group around a cyber table, sharing cyber donuts.

This week’s prompt is to write in:

The “Formal” First Person Perspective


Here’s an example from Marilynne Robinson’s novel Housekeeping:


“Lucile and I worked that winter on skating backward, and pivoting on one foot. We were often the last to leave, so absorbed we were in our skating and in the silence and the numbing sweetness of the air. The dogs would run out to us, rowdy and obstreperous, overjoyed that not everyone had left yet, and they would nip at our mittens and run circles around us so that we had no choice but to leave. And as we glided across the ice toward Fingerbone, we would become aware of the darkness, too close to us, like a presence in a dream.”

If that were written in the “close” first person, it would be in a child’s voice; this is an adult looking back on herself as a child, thus allowing for a more formal thus more distant perspective, and adult diction such as “obstreperous.”

In the last workshop, some of you, in attempting the “close”, wound up writing in the more formal first person point of view. So if you’d rather switch it up and try again for the close first person, go for it! Just preface your post with whatever point of view you have chosen.


1). Not too long but not too short – try for a scene or fully developed moment.

2). Critique at least four other posts – comment first on what works, then how it might be reworked.

3). Reciprocate by critiquing those bloggers who do comment.

4). Important: Preface your post with “Sandra’s Writers Workshop Hop” linked back to my (new WP!) blog. Yes, to advertise Moi, but also to clarify your post is up for critique – a good thoughtful paragraph of critique as your “comment.”

5). Relax, and have fun! At the very least, you’re generating ideas for future stories or even novels!

6). GUESS WHAT! My button works! So grab it from my sidebar to remember to come back and post!




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14 Responses to Sandra’s Writing Workshop Hop!

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  2. Sandi says:

    Oh ok, Sandra. I see this is your new WP site, with no Google Friend Connect (Google’s fault). I signed up for your email subscription though. And when I launch my writing blog I’ll place a link in the sidebar. Take care and have an especially good day writing.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi sandi. Yeah, no google connect. But I do have a google plus follow button…? And other ways to follow. But glad you found me. And I don’t even know if you get this reply. Can you let me know if you get it?

      • Sandi says:

        Hi Sandra! I get replies if when I post I make sure to check the block that reads “Notify me of followup comments,” or “Email replies to my address,” or something. If I forget to check that block, then the only way I’ll see relies and comments is to visit that post again. I do forget sometimes to do that as I post around. I think the blog owner has not replied, until I remember that I probably didn’t request notification 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    Yay! I’m looking forward to the challenge!

  4. momto8blog says:

    like your new site! good luck!!
    I am now following here too.
    someday I find time to participate in these prompts..

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  6. Hi Sandra,
    I am hoping you are not closing soon … I would work on mine this weekend. Can’t wait to link up!

  7. new follower, and look forward to the challange!

  8. Fiction is really fun to write. I should try writing in the first person sometime. I usually write with the character’s name. I am finally getting back to one of my novels in progress. The Glorious Money Tree which is a children’s fantasy. I’ve been working on another one too, but I need to go back and edit and condense it. Get rid of words like that, this and other minor words that get in the way. I guess as writers, we all need to practice being our own best editors. It’s a lot cheaper than hiring someone to edit and we learn in the process. Have a nice day.
    At least we all know our writing will wait for us.

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  10. Made it. But please don’t read it until Sunday so I could re-read/fix it again …

  11. Sandra, by “formal” do you mean a more objective, reportorial kind of first-person narration? Less subjective and introspective, without much internal monologue?

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