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storypraxis daily prompt: “overheard” When he’d overheard his mother on the phone trying to guide he’d thought Gramma was trying to kill the bird; he’d imagined her holding down a flailing feathered hen while cradling the phone on her … Continue reading

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Resurrected Fish

This week Trifecta’s word challenge is “decay”: She’d forgotten all about that – burying all her deceased salt-water fish in the flower bed. Her three clownfish, two blue damsels with those yellow tails she loved to watch flickering in the … Continue reading

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Sandra’s Writing Workshop Hop

Having for years taught fiction writing, I’m missing sitting around some oblong table hashing out scene and character issues over dog-eared manuscripts and cold cups of coffee. So let’s see if we can make this work, a workshop hop! Meant … Continue reading

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As a middle-aged mom immersed in my kids’ excruciatingly dull elementary ABCs homework assignments, I’m kinda missing my teaching years as a creative writing professor – that gathering of aspiring thoughtful writers around some oblong table with cups of coffee, … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Tale: The Wrinkle

It’s not a laugh or a frown line – I’ve been grinning, laughing uproariously and frowning deeply into mirrors, to see if the line, that very fine crease, would come and go. I’ve taken to wandering the house with a … Continue reading

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