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Post Irate Irene, Love Cell Phone

I appreciate cell phones a little more post-hurricane, my only source of communication, in our pitch-black powerless house. On our vacation – cut short by fear of bridges closing down the day before Irene ripped the electrical wires, meter and … Continue reading

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I’d Hit Bottom

I’d hit bottom. Literally. Where the stench was beyond that of rancid milk gone sour in a broken over-heated refrigerator. This was the stench of flesh rotting in an airtight satin-lined coffin six-feet under. And I’m not bad-scent sensitive; I don’t … Continue reading

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Challenge: Sell a Woolly Scarf in Tropical 90-degree Heat

Sandra’s Fiberworks was on display at the annual Huntington Historical Society fine arts and craft show – in blistering 90-plus degree heat. I swear, every show I’ve done this summer has been a tropical day. I might as well have … Continue reading

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Feeding the Fish

Our neighbors were on vacation. I had to go next door to feed their betta fish. Kenny couldn’t wait to tag along. You’d think we’d never had a betta ourselves, one Kenny hadn’t been nearly as excited to feed. Pets … Continue reading

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Time to CHECK OUT!

“Where can I pack this?” Ryan held up a tiny Blue Jay feather.I was sweeping up the Carefresh cage bedding littering the carpet, marveling at how we’d actually transported our new gerbils in their ten gallon tank, all the way … Continue reading

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