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The Wake

I’m not good with dead people. My first wake was for my 24-year-old cousin eight years ago, who died in a car accident. His mother had chosen a bright blue shirt for him, because she said he’d always looked so … Continue reading

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See You in July

Every morning and afternoon on the way to my boys’ school, we pass a memorial to someone who has died, where his car must have crashed into a telephone pole. There’s a picture of this someone hanging on the pole, … Continue reading

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First Craft Fair of the Season

If you read the post below,  and wondered  where I was all weekend that I couldn’t be around to take home our newest family additions, Sandra’s Fiberworks was displaying in a craft fair:I did  ok, though not easy having to … Continue reading

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The Continued Pet Saga

Finally having arrived at the monumental decision to adopt a couple of gerbils, I set about looking for a breeder. (In my gerbil research I’d read it was best to buy from a breeder.) How could there possibly not be … Continue reading

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We Found it, the Perfect Pet!

The petless dilemma. It continued. I wish we could have adopted the petite lap giraffe (for more on these cuties, see my post, “The PERFECT Pet”). We’d put a harness on it (I can’t imagine a collar, as that might … Continue reading

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