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Revamped: Sandra’s Fiberworks

I spend so much time on my blog, my website has been gathering dust. So have dusted it off, rearranged some furniture … a bit of spring cleaning. Next, are my own closets. Would LOVE some feedback:!SandraTweet Follow @cmsvoteup

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Zibbet Highlight: POP Embroidery

This is a fun little Zibbet shop, especially if you like unusual key chains! Actually, they’re key straps, of all different designs; I especially liked this striking one below. POP Embroidery also offers a range of embroidered baby gift sets … Continue reading

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Zibbet Highlight: Hannah’s Gemstone Jewelry

Here’s another Zibbeter highlight: Hannah’s jewelry incorporates some lovely translucent gems, including these sweet orange Botswana agate ones. She has been making jewelry for over two years, and mainly uses genuine gemstones, though occasionally glass beads, including the finest Czech fire-polished beads. This … Continue reading

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Zibbet’s Lucky Bug’s Shop

Here’s my next Zibbet Highlight: Endearing Lucky Bugs! Daresa has been designing and sculpting her bugs with polymer clay for over 8 years now. And this bug struck my fancy: “Flo is your gardening bug,” Daresa says. “She will sit … Continue reading

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Luxurious Summer Scarves

Here’s my latest endeavor, these ladder-yarn scarves I’m weaving on my 3-ft triangle loom (see blog below if you’re wondering what the heck THAT is…). Iridescent and incredibly pliable. You like?  Should be great for summer, to dress up plain … Continue reading

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