Thank You for Your Comments!

As a writer, I work hard on my posts; I revise them as I would anything I would write for publication.

So comments make my day. If these posts never actually make it into “print” (Whatever that now means in our digital age) at least I know there is someone sitting in the cyber audience.

I love subscribers! You are gifts! So gift yourself by filling out that tiny email subscription box on the right there, and I will pop up in you Inbox every Tuesday with my weekly tale. (I promise, I’m small enough not to crowd out Target or ToysRUs weekly ads.)

Sincerely. Thank you.


6 Responses to Thank You for Your Comments!

  1. Jack Sherak says:

    wonderful….simply wonderful!!!

    • Sandra says:

      Mr. Sherak! Have you been lurking here? I’m thrilled! Makes me feel sixteen again. Ah, sweet sixteen rather than 50! Ev is supposed to make her annual visit out here some time this month. I better get on her case.

  2. Natalie says:

    How do I leave a comment on your posts — I don’t do the circle thing.

  3. Glen says:

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award for your excellence in blogging.

  4. Judie says:

    A very moving piece here. Our mum’s ashes were in a very small box. She had donated her body to Emory University Medical School, so there wasn’t much left to cremate. Her spirit was huge, though, and we all carry some of it around with us every day.

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