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Tale Tues: A Most Amusing Emergency

“Something’s happening.” I’d just gotten out of the shower, into my comfy sock-monkey-patterned pjs when my husband handed me the phone mouthing, It’s your mother. My hair was dripping. “What’s happening?” “Things are all jumbled in my head. And I … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Car Parts and Organ Transplants

“I thought you should see these,” he said, respectfully setting down on the counter two clunky worn-out greasy car parts from my aging minivan. He presented them as somberly as a surgeon explaining why some beloved relative had needed organ transplants. … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Magic and Missing Thumbs

“Go practice you magic,” I nag Little Bro. I nag daily. As I nag him to keep track of his tricks. He’s lost cards to his magic deck; the fuzzy balls to his disappearing-balls-under-cups trick; my own spare change, quarters … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Hatching Dino Eggs

I feel sorry for teachers. Well elementary school teachers, anyway, when their class projects go awry. As when the life cycle of their classroom tadpoles is cut short, and only one matures into a sad lonely frog. So that the … Continue reading

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Leona the Chicken Struts

Alphabe-Thurs weekly challenge: Letter Q! Do chickens quack? Of course not. They cluck. But Marge heard quacking, and it was not Leona, who was strutting around in her new chicken outfit: Pin It It was her daughter. Yaking at her … Continue reading

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