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Tale Tues: A Most Amusing Emergency

“Something’s happening.” I’d just gotten out of the shower, into my comfy sock-monkey-patterned pjs when my husband handed me the phone mouthing, It’s your mother. My hair was dripping. “What’s happening?” “Things are all jumbled in my head. And I … Continue reading

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The Freak

weekly word Trifecta Challenge: freak, the third definition: : one that is markedly unusual or abnormal: as a : a person or animal having a physical oddity and appearing in a circus sideshow She could feel like a freak. Just because she was … Continue reading

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Tale Tues: Irregular Heart Beats and a Coughing Dog

It was our usual atypical school morning, when the dog may poop on the door mat or kids forget their backpacks. The dog was gag/coughing under the kitchen table. “Mommy, why’s he doing that?” Little Bro was picking at his … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want…More?

Alphabe-Thursday: Letter W “Waste not, want not.” Her mother’s motto forever, but one far more pronounced as she grew older. On Jenna’s weekly visits, she found rinsed-out freezer bags from the dinners she’d brought her mother, in the dish drain. … Continue reading

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I’m imprisoned

A-Z challenge: Today is letter I! “I’m imprisoned.” Jenna’s mother sat on the edge of her bed, sifting through mail she’d brought her from the post office, on her weekly visit. That’s where she found her most days when Jenna … Continue reading

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