Tail End of a Rainbow

Trifecta weekly word challenge, RAINBOW with 3rd definition [from the impossibility of reaching the rainbow, at whose foot a pot of gold is said to be buried] :  an illusory goal or hope. 

Back when her life was still an arc, when there was still promise at the end of the rainbow, she didn’t know that life rarely turns out as you expect it to.

Now at 95, as she was at the very end of that rainbow, there was just this: no pot of gold. No fame. Just the view out her bedroom windows. She’d had another fall, another lumbar compression, and she spent most days lying on her bed, looking out at her woods still the deep green of summer.

When she wasn’t staring out those two windows, wishing that she could tear down the wall between them so she would have an undivided view, she would doze off.

And wake up confused. Because she might have been back in the rowboat on the lake at their summer house. When she was ten and would row out to pick waterlilies to float in bowls, to watch close up at night and reopen in the morning. When she was back at the beginning of that rainbow, and there was still so much promise, more than that of mere color changes as those trees out her window would soon start to turn.

Like watching a clock, time would seem to stop, as the green leaves ever so subtly metamorphosed into yellows, brilliant reds, then before she knew it, they had fallen, dry aged-brown leaves caught up and lost on cold November winds.

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Author;editor of The Woven Tale Press at thewoventalepress.net; mother; weaver
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16 Responses to Tail End of a Rainbow

  1. I really like how you put us right there with this elderly person. You can feel her sadness.

    Great writing!


  2. This is so sad. I really like the descriptions in the last paragraph.

  3. ElaineLK says:

    Very touching, Sandra. I love the opening sentence.

  4. Bjorn says:

    Really vivid and real.. I guess that even with a pot of gold there might be a feeling of missed opurtunities – thinking Citizen Kane

  5. So sad and yet so very beautifully written. Great take on the prompt:)

  6. Rainbows are beautiful no doubt, but there is a kind of a divinity to them, like what you feel when u watch the sea or the desert. same was this story, the story of life.

  7. Oh wow! This is so realistic, which makes it so very sad. You told it beautifully, though.

  8. Jean says:

    Wow. So simple yet poignant. I like this.

  9. Draug419 says:

    This is a touching portrait of old age. Well done.

  10. Love the part about her longing to remove the wall between her and the view.

  11. Ye Pirate says:

    This was an enriched haiku – especially the ending. Really enjoyed the use of nature in this frail tail.

  12. Such sadness. Thanks for linking up!

  13. Atreyee says:

    Scary and sad but true too!Old age is so tough…

  14. Beautiful… and so moving.

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