Trifecta Challenge: Pedantic

….with the third meaning:

He was tired of ordinary people’s pedantic ways: the cashier’s meaningless “How are you today?” as she scanned his head of lettuce. Mothers on the city sidewalks who blew bubble gum while breastfeeding on park benches. His own doorman of ten years with the practiced smile.

But once back in the gilded elevator up to his penthouse apartment with its sweeping view of Central Park, he might catch a distorted glance of himself in the gold-toned reflective walls. He’d have to look away. He’d look down at his shoes, as he would standing on a street corner waiting for the light to change, when he mistakenly might make eye contact with a stranger.

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10 Responses to Trifecta Challenge: Pedantic

  1. Wow. This is quite a challenge. I’m impressed.

  2. Kathy says:

    Well done. I love how you can write about little snippets like this and make them really entertaining. It gives me hope for my own writing.


  3. Avoiding eye contact would be so difficult (and lonely)! The distorted glance of himself in the gold-tone reflection struck me, because my thought was, if he’s living in a penthouse, his view of the entire world might be a bit distorted.

    Your link on Trifecta’s site didn’t come to this post – it opened a post titled Anticipation that was written in December. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

  4. Beverly says:

    This was a moment well-captured. We definetely got a feel for the character in this short scene.

  5. I loved the image of this man bogged down by his own selfishness and greed, who thinks these almost picturesque images are pedantic and can’t look at the stranger he has become. For some reason, the link at Trifecta sent me to your anticipation entry, but this one was easy enough to find 🙂

  6. Michell says:

    Impressive, Sandra! I like the thought and creativity that went into the imagery. Indeed, greed bogs us down and we will not want to look at ourselves as a result. Great message!

  7. Draug419 says:

    Great piece!

  8. Joyce says:

    I can relate to the stranger. I keep seeing some fat, old lady stranger in the mirror all the time. She even had the nerve to get on my driver’s license photo!

    • Sandra says:

      I happen to love my own driver’s license photo; it hasn’t been retaken in about 30 years! My hair is even its real color!

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