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A-Z April Challenge: Today is Letter M! Marge once owned a diapered chicken. To catch-up on the back story of Leona, the chicken, read this: The Diapered Old Hen Back to Marge:  if this were a novel, where might it … Continue reading

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A-Z Challenge: I’m behind. But here is letter L: Leona! Leona the chicken. Looking back, Marge had loved Leona more than her now fat cat whom her daughter had brought her when Leona finally died – her daughter’s way of … Continue reading

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A-Z Challenge: The letter K! No longer able to drive, Jenna’s mother could no longer shop for Jenna’s birthday presents. “I want you to have this,” she said on Jenna’s 50th birthday, nudging a small box across the kitchen table. … Continue reading

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I’m imprisoned

A-Z challenge: Today is letter I! “I’m imprisoned.” Jenna’s mother sat on the edge of her bed, sifting through mail she’d brought her from the post office, on her weekly visit. That’s where she found her most days when Jenna … Continue reading

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April A-Z Challenge: Today is letter H! She knew she needed help. Her daughter knew she needed help. She didn’t want any damn help. She didn’t want someone hovering over her, as with that last fall when she did actually … Continue reading

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