The Diapered Chicken Continued….

Alphabe-Thurs Letter Prompt this week is N!

“This is nuts. You’ve gone nuts, Mom….”

That’s all Marge’s daughter could say about her taking in the stray hen that had been living under her deck.

They were sitting at Marge’s kitchen table.

Leona, the hen, was perched on the dish drain as if on a back fence.

And unsanitary. You put clean dishes in there….”

“She’s in a diaper….”

Her daughter threw back her head, laughing until she was crying.  “No kidding! I see that! A diapered chicken in my mother’s kitchen!”

Marge thought of telling her about Googling pet chickens and being smart enough to actually find out where one could purchase chicken diapers.

Instead she said mildly, “You’d be amazed how many people keep chickens as pets.”

Her daughter looked at her. Her eyes bleary with tears. “Then you’re all nuts. Nutty chicken people who need to get out more.”

Get out more.

Marge looked at her beloved Leona. Who was looking straight back at her from the dish drain. Unmoving.

But it was only a quick hop from the dish drain to the kitchen table.

Where she perched to pluck out strands of Marge’s daughter’s hair.

Now it was Marge who was laughing, laughing, laughing. Until she was crying.



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13 Responses to The Diapered Chicken Continued….

  1. I take it you’ve been reading Tara Adams, Faith in Ambiguity!

    • Sandra says:

      oh, funny, Lorinda. Just took a look at the post. No I hadn’t seen it! I just have always liked writing about chickens and googled diapers since I know of a diapered parrot…

  2. This is why I LOVE the blog world so much…just when you think you have seen it all…the next day someone tops it. Thanks for giving me a smile today.

  3. Tara Adams says:

    Well, I understand Mom perfectly. You have to be confronted with those doleful chicken eyes she was looking into to understand the impulse that ends in having a farm animal in a cloth diaper in your house. Nice work!

  4. Nora says:

    Such an interesting *N* post – great story!

    Have a great Alphabe-Thursday and weekend too,

    Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday

  5. I would love to have some chickens! The problem is that the coyotes would love it if I would get some chickens too!

  6. The chickens must not mind the diapers if this is a popular item♫ Fun post, here’s my N effort:

  7. a lighthearted post that is funny and cute.

  8. very funny! I’m wondering how Marge got the diaper on the chicken… {:-Deb

  9. I have a diapered pug in my house!!! Hey, I just put up my award post for the award you gave me. AND I also have an award for you– swing by and get it–just leave me a comment there so I know you got it! Congrats!

  10. What a nifty light-hearted link for the letter ‘N’.

    This was really charming and funny!

    Thanks for sharing it.


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