A Tale of Snow Woe

Ok, I don’t usually post my “tales” on Saturdays, but this is a special occasion! Blizzard Nemo!

Ha! So glad I don’t have to live up to the name of this storm as I did with Hurricane Sandy, when my youngest would point out fallen trees on crushed cars and lament, “Mom, how could you?”

Anyway, back to Nemo! This was no cute little fishy storm. This was a big bear. That left in its growling wake 2-3ft of snow, depending on where you were standing in our driveway or front yard. Up to my knees, up to my boys’ waists. Up to the dog’s nose.

But guess what! We have a snow blower!

Guess what else – it doesn’t blow 3 feet of snow very well. So we needed to shovel the top layers to make way for the blower.

Shoveling us out had to be a family affair, so as Daddy likes to get at snow as if we had a deadline, (or somewhere we could actually go)we were all outside by 8:30am with big and little shovels.

Little Bro shoveled two shovelfuls then ditched the shovel to play with the dog. But he did find our mailbox!

Big Bro decided the better way to clear the walkway would be to start a snowball and roll it down the walkway until it got bigger and bigger.

It got to only the size of a golfball when he got a little snow in his boots. “Mom my feet are cold.”

I am a tough momma and forced him to tough it out. “It’s cold out and it’s snowy.”

“But they’re wet. My socks are wet….”

You’re fine. Here.” I handed him a scraper to start on Daddy’s car, to forget about his cold feet:

Then the girls from next door came over to play, and they all disappeared into snowdrifts to dig tunnels.

So I got to work on my car:

….And Daddy finally got the driveway plowed. Which is all fine and dandy if we could actually go anywhere:

No plow in sight all morning. Except for a lady who marked a path in her snow shoes. Well, at least I didn’t have to worry about the new pup running out into the road:

This was taken a few hours into our shoveling when I think he’d had enough.

We all had. Aching backs. Little Bro long since had abandoned ship and gone inside to practice his latest card tricks.

But Big Bro, after the girls next door even had gone inside, and  who’d complained of cold feet, held out to the end, scraping every bit of snow off both cars.

When we went inside and he stripped off his boots and socks, his feet were a brilliant red. Not a normal red.

“How do your feet feel now?” I asked, trying to squelch panic. To sound as casual as only a Mom should when a crisis is pending.

“What feet?”


Now he looked at his feet, remembering them. “Mom, my feet kind of tingle. Mom?”

I google frostbite: Place the frostbitten in warm water.

I fill a basin with warm water. “Mom, that hurts! It’s too hot!”

I add cold water to make it luke warm. It still hurt and he started to cry.

I added more cold water. It was now more like cool.

I coaxed his toes in, then his feet. Gradually I was able to add more warm water. “Mom, I’m scared!”

“Your feet just got cold,” I say casually, as if having to soak your feet in water after playing in the snow was a normal routine.  Wondering as only a mom can, at how I’d been negligent. That feeling of when you turn your back for one moment and your toddler has toddled out into the middle of a busy freeway.

Big Bro is no toddler, he’s nine, but stuff scares him and it’s worse when stuff scares me which scares him even more.

But there’s Minecraft! The best computer game to take your mind of frost-bitten feet, so I set him at the computer table with his feet in a tub of water, while on the phone with my mother who was navigating her own house on her walker to get a better view of a fallen tree.

Our backs hurt, my mother lost a tree, my son contracted a touch of frostbite, but we didn’t lose power! We have internet! We are connected. For better or worse. Hard to know. Still. I find time to look up from my screen out at the truly magnificent and humbling of Mother Nature:



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22 Responses to A Tale of Snow Woe

  1. Amy Morgan says:

    Wow Sandy – we only got about a foot and a half. And the weather forecast here the next two days is the high 30’s to low 40’s so it will all melt anyway. I shoveled in two 6-8 inch bouts and it wasn’t too bad. Sounds like your clear out was quite an adventure and that picture of the street FULL at the end of the driveway made me laugh out loud. Glad you have internet and could share a Saturday tale – made my day! Snuggle in, stay warm and enjoy some hot chocolate! (PS – Hope the feet are doing better!)

    • Sandra says:

      yeah, pretty ironic to have ourselves shoveled out but can’t go anywhere! Our county has declared a state of emergency anyway so we’re not allowed on the roads — funny too since we could go out on them if we wanted to.

  2. leigh says:

    You had a very good day with your whole family and then some! I, too, got to play with a little snow today…this weekend will go down in your children’s memories. It’s good to have some “tough” times to all pull together. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you! Man, that’s a lot of snow! So glad you didn’t lose power and that your son’s feet are going to recover! Here in Colorado we get this kind of snow in the mountains, but only rarely along the Front Range where I live! We’re in a real drought – getting maybe an inch of snow once a week! Even in the mountains the snowpack is low, so that may mean watering restrictions.
    I’m nominating you for the very Inspiring Blogger Award. Go to http://termitewriter.blogger.com for information (my post should be up within a day or two).

    • Sandra says:

      ph, thanks, Lorinda, I’m honored! Glad to inspire! Yeah, a lot of snow. Just went out again and we tried to sled down the street but we just sank.

  4. Joyce says:

    That was one amazing storm. I love snow but haven’t seen a good storm in years. I’m really hoping we’ll get some snow this year, but it’s been too warm recently.


  5. Frostbite is scary but it’s only really bad when things turn white, and I mean white like a chunk of snow. You did good.

  6. I sometimes lament living in England with its rather tame weather, but that’s because I forget what it is like to suffer downed trees, power failures and several impassible feet of snow. Not to mention the delightful chore if digging oneself out. Thank you for reminding me, lol!

    • Sandra says:

      lol Katie, well next time we have a storm predicted I’ll let you know so you can escape your “tame” weather and come help shovel.

  7. Desi says:

    Been there! Right down to the frostbitten feet – though, in my case, it was my mum telling me calmly that it was no big deal while her eyes look kind of wild. I don’t think the storm had a name, but the drifts had piled up past the doorknobs on our front and back door, and I had to wiggle out a window in the back of the house to go find a shovel to start digging us out of there. Such adventure! It was like Little House on the Prairie, except in 1988! Anyway, glad to hear you all are okay, if a little housebound. Hang in there!

    • Sandra says:

      thanks, Desi. Yes still housebound! And any local friends on FB are clearly still housebound too…starts to feel a little claustrophobic. I mean nevermind running out of milk, but we’re out of WINE!

  8. rose says:

    That was quite the adventure! One that feels quite familiar, minus the threat of frostbite! Take care, stay warm and safe.

  9. Glad you all made it through the storm! Those are some amazing pictures. The last time I saw a significant snowfall in my state was in 1986, and that was only a foot. Happy to hear your son’s feet are okay. :o)

  10. k~ says:

    What a joyfully fun adventure into the snowbound world you are currently in. I really liked this story:-)

  11. steph says:

    Wow, what an adventure. The frostbite part was a bit scary. I’m glad you managed to tame it, get it under control. I grew up in PA and remember these storms as a kid. And that’s why I live in CA now. It was 50 degrees and sunny while you got slammed by the snow. I do love the wonder of Mother Nature, and appreciate the beauty of the snow. But I prefer it at a distance these days. (Thank you for that Inspiring Blog award! I’ll get to that post later this week when I’m back in my sunny CA abode!)

    • Sandra says:

      I”m no CA person, born and bred here in snow land. But I have to say, these storms now do not feel normal. We had two hurricanes back to back in two years. Now this. And an ice storm on the way. This is global warming. I’m convinced of it. Call me a downer, but being housebound for three days without a plow in sight leaves you feeling a bit deranged…

  12. Thanks for the laugh. I could not image living in that kind of weather you all are experience up there. I’m in Texas and we are having a exceptional warm winter – using my a/c every now and then. Your little puppy is so cute it almost looked fake. I could cuddle with it right now, like I do my own little Lhasa Apso. Saw the curse word too, that was funny. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

    Thank you so much for joining in on my Tuesday’s Thoughtful Comments hop. I do hope you come back next week.


  13. Michele says:

    Your poor son!! Frostbite does hurt like the dickens–especially when the thaw starts–I know-been there done that! And no, it was NOT your fault–at nine he could have just taken himself into the house and changed his socks then come back outside–I have a feeling he will do that in the future! We had about a foot around here–and I live in an apartment and park my car in a place semi enclosed–but oh do I remember those snow shoveling days!! (that is why I moved to an apartment with a semi enclosed garage!!!!)
    That is a very cute puppy!! And I’m pretty sure once he finally got into the house he SLEPT.

    • Sandra says:

      thanks Michele, especially for the soothing thoughs about the frostbite! I think he stayed out because of me thinking oh big deal, so you have a little snow in your boots….next time I’ll be the one to whip him inside for new socks! And Target doesn’t sell the best snow boots:(

  14. KG says:

    Stopping by from Tuesday’s Thoughtful Comments Hop.

    While the northeast was getting the Nemo Storm, we here in Florida were getting the most perfect weather. I felt bad even mentioning it when I have so many friends and family back in NYC where I moved away from 6 months ago.

    Glad to hear that everyone is ok. Frostbite can be very scary.

  15. Kathy says:

    Wow, that is a lot of snow!! Glad your son got feeling back into his feet. Frostbite is not fun!


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