100 word challenge: Nicked Nails

This is part of  Velvet Verbosity’s weekly blog hop. Writing exactly 100 words is like trying to neatly stack all my tupperware into one kitchen drawer.

Everything was such a damn crisis. A nicked nail, for god’s sake. But Maggie’s sister had always been like that. Even in high school, when she scuffed her caramel vinyl go-go boots and flung them across their room in despair.

Nothing had changed much about her since then, except that some crises had become real ones. Like the malignant lump she found in her breast.

She’d been admiring her freshly manicured nails, splayed out across a cafe table when she announced this news to Maggie. Calmly. The only way perhaps to handle a true crisis. As if just another nicked nail.

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4 Responses to 100 word challenge: Nicked Nails

  1. Ha! First of all I liked your comparison to stacking tupperware neatly. Harder than it sounds!

    Great piece. I can relate too. Not to the everything being a crisis, but the way I “announce” real crises. It’s a real problem because my loved ones don’t always know how I actually FEEL. Thanks for the reminder to work on that.

    • Sandra says:

      My Tupperware drawer is a mess:( but I an do a 100 words! I couldn’t remember if it had to be a 100 or that was the max but it was fun to get it just right.

  2. TheGirl says:

    Nicely written in 100 words!! Thanks for coming by my space, I hope to connect with you again!

  3. barbara says:

    my best friend once told me she had no idea I hurt because outwardly I was so stoic. I always thought of it as being the opposite of DRAMA! like some. I think I deal with things like your character. 🙂

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