Trifecta Word Challenge: Bitch

This week’s Trifecta word is bitch with the 3rd meaning: 3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant

“What a bitch!” he said, tossing the bassinet across the room.

Actually it was bassinet pieces. He’d gotten has far as screwing in a couple of legs to the base.

The canopy lay in a frilly heap.

In their short marriage before she got pregnant, she’d never seen her husband lose his temper. She was the one more apt to throw things. Or toss them – a pan into the sink so it clattered more loudly than it needed to.

But in this first experience of asking her husband to put together a mail-order bassinet for their first child, she would learn an important lesson: that he was deeply uneasy when it came to trying to follow diagrams and tiny print in directions. Just as he’d cuss himself when they’d get lost on the expressway even though he’d carefully mapped the whole trip out with AAA TripTiks, as well as plugging their destinations into his GPS.

In the future, if there were anything that needed putting together, she would do it. The shelves from Target.  She would actually find something calming in trying to follow directions. As she did when she took over reading their maps on their road trips so that they’d never get lost ever again.

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19 Responses to Trifecta Word Challenge: Bitch

  1. Draug419 says:

    He gave a good effort (: It’s nice that the wife is there to help and support him.

  2. Corinne says:

    Hm. This sounds like a couple I know. 🙂

    I also tend to throw things a little harder than necessary, and he can’t follow directions to save his life.

  3. joetwo says:

    Sounds to me like he was using what I call “Strategic Incompetence” in order to not have to do it again! Clever boy!

  4. Cobbie's World says:

    Most successful marriages become some form of dance between the partners. Not everyone leads all of the time (even if they may think they do). Finding that rhythm that enables sanity to maintained and yet, still getting the jobs done, was well-stated in your story.

  5. Christine says:

    “She was the one more apt to throw things. Or toss them – a pan into the sink so it clattered more loudly than it needed to.” This sounds like me. 🙂

    Nice little vignette here!

    • viv blake says:

      I once threw the car keys at my husband, missed and broke the kitchen window. He made me put the new pane of glass in (and pay for it!) – quite a useful accomplishment.

      Many men can’t follow instructions because they don’t think they need to read them!

  6. I know how that one goes… I’ve put all the kiddie furniture together too. Mr. fix-it doesn’t have the patience for it.

  7. barbara says:

    that can be sooooo frustrating. Good capture. 🙂

    There is a wee typo in the second para.

  8. Kim Song says:

    I love tinkering and putting furniture together! My husband… not so much. Haha this reminded me a little of us 🙂

  9. I value my husband’s d-i-y capabilities and this reminded me just how much. Thank you!

  10. Atreyee says:

    Some people are like that:-)I am-can never understand written instructions-specially the ones that are very elaborate or are too technical,lol!Loved the way you described it-well written:-)

  11. Jennifer says:

    We had one of those bassinets. My husband felt the exact same way about it.

  12. Necessity is the mother of some assembly required. Just ask Ikea.

  13. steph says:

    If one spouse has an easier time with something they ought to be the one to take it on. We’ve moved on from gender roles, I hope. Nice scene, well-captured. I enjoyed getting to know the couple.

  14. IASoupMama says:

    Ah, the way they balance each other is lovely. My hubby readily admits that he is directionally challenged, so he happily hands over the map. It’s a good thing…

  15. Great capture! I love the way you put into words how we tend to put that pan in the sink a little too loud.

  16. Trifecta says:

    This is why it’s important to have as many capable hands around as possible. Everyone can find their own groove.

  17. Debbie says:

    Wow, is this familiar. We wives must learn earlier what our hubbies Achilles heel(s) is and counteract accordingly. Well done!

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