Prompt: If I Found Out I Lived Next Door to a Serial Killer

If I found out I lived next door to a serial killer, the first thing I’d do is peer in a window.

And I would go out after dark, in my slippers, forgetting to put on my outside clogs. I’d feel like a fool trekking through the thick rhododendron bushes, raccoons gaffing in the shadows.

There would be only one light on, the dim over-head kitchen one, with a scalloped plastic shade, dangling from a chain, a 70s relic. With her back to me, an older woman with long stringy greying hair, in Sponge Bob pajama bottoms, would be chopping something at the counter. Chopping! A woman!

I’d rest my chin on the sill to see if there was blood on the chopping board.

She wouldn’t be chopping. She’d be rolling dough into balls. Baking cookies. Late!

But tomorrow would be Christmas Eve, and I would see her coming out in the same Sponge Bob pajamas to put a plate of them in the mailbox for our carrier; just as my own kids do every year.

We’d eventually meet, through the bushes, and  I would find out she was a recently divorced hygienist who had a dream of retiring to somewhere on the edge of the Grand Canyon so she could visit daily and stare down into that dusty dry gaping pit.

I wanted to ask where she stashed her bodies. Instead I asked her over for spearmint tea.  Besides discovering spearmint was both our favorite, we had other things in common.


For the prompt exchange this week, Cheney at gave me this prompt: You find out your next door neighbor is a serial killer.

I gave Eric Storch at http://sinistralscribblings.comthis prompt: mirror

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9 Responses to Prompt: If I Found Out I Lived Next Door to a Serial Killer

  1. leigh says:

    I am certain you have other things in common…..and what was IN those cookies? Love it.

  2. Tara R. says:

    That last line was great, made me think the wrong neighbor was the actual killer. Fun read.

  3. I would invite her over for tea, and just to screw with her, I’d bring two cups of tea and place them on the table. Once I’m sitting down across from her, I’d look at the two cups and say, “Oh, excuse me.” Then I’d switch them around and take a sip of mine. I would then wait to see how long it would take for her to take a sip of hers (if she did at all).

    I would just want to see how she would respond to that. Would she ask, “Why did you switch our cups?”

    • Sandra says:

      wow. you should write the next scene:) I think you’d be better than me at this prompt, one that gave me chills. Good thinking! I think you have a crime novel in the works! Take my character and run!

  4. If I responded to this prompt, I would be inclined to take it way too seriously! I loved this piece – it shows really great comic imagination!

  5. Kathy says:

    This had some interesting twists and turns!!


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