Alphabet Thursday: B is for Blank

Alphabet Thursday: Join in Jenny Matlock’s B hop!

She wanted to draw a blank. A total blank. To pull down a blank white shade on her thoughts, those annoying ruminative cuticle-biting ones.

Actually, she longed for a blank white refrigerator door, if she could just free hers of magnets; scribbled phone numbers; almost-blank boys’ chore page; faded photo clutter (as much as she cherished the old preschool tongue-depressor frames):

A mind blanked of those worries. How was it that an cognitive, reasonable human being could be so unreasonable when it came to worrying? One such being who knew such worrying was unproductive, but still insisted on stumbling down densely tangled winding worrying paths leading nowhere?

So she would meditate. Or try to. The focus on breathing one. The mantra one – “blank, blank, blank,” until she had a migraine from the mindless blank repetition. And with all that focus on blankness, on nonthinking, she was overcome by her senses: the stink of the raw meat from the dog’s soggy bone. And the sounds. Just past the dog’s bone-gnawing was the gerbil’s incessant chewing. Who can stop worrying when toilet paper rolls are being ravaged to tissuey bits?

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10 Responses to Alphabet Thursday: B is for Blank

  1. The “blank, blank, blank” thoughts are funny! My take on it is, that blank thoughts are wasted time!! To destress I can do a thousand better things, lol!

  2. pammustard says:

    Wine. Or beer. Chases away the worries at least momentariky!

  3. rimly says:

    I could just imagine her worrying about blanks. It happens to all of us, the incessant worrying that is so unproductive and yet we cant help but worry.

  4. During those frequent times when I toss and turn at night and the mind just won’t shut down – it would be such a relief to have blank moments and get off the carousel…

  5. Joyce says:

    I’d write a clever comment but

    wait for it

    here comes

    I drew a blank. 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    i too try to make the mind go blank only to have thoughts come tromping through the mind-field = kaboom! so much for blanking out thoughts.
    excellent B post!

  7. Anne says:

    I thought this was very clever. It is a funny feeling to draw a blank! I like to fill in blank checks HaHa! This was a smiling maker today!
    Enjoy the weekend and thank you for sharing.

  8. LadyInRead says:

    🙂 Have had that blank, blank a couple of times myself, but I don’t stay on it too long.. because the longer I try to unblank, the worse the blank becomes!:)

  9. Brilliant post for the letter B…

    Thanks for linking…

    Beautiful words…


  10. Oh! You have captured this so brilliantly! Isn’t it crazy, the way our brains torture us?

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