New Writing Prompt is up!

This is one I’ve had up before, but I got distracted by tornadoes or maybe my mother falling by knocking over her television, but want to get back on track with these point-of -view challenges:

I’m also starting again with these for the benefit of my new facebook Writing Workshop Community, geared toward fiction writers (both beginners and veterans):

We will be doing some workshops, but it’s meant to be a communal supportive meeting spot for those interested in writing fiction. Love to you have you!

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2 Responses to New Writing Prompt is up!

  1. Joyce says:

    I love doing this sort of thing in the summer. Any other time of year leaves me treading to keep my head above water.

    • Sandra says:

      funny, since I had no luck in the summer; everyone was too busy off here and there…your’e such a good writer,sorry you don’t have more time but I certainly understand.

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