I won an award! A Lovely One!

I have been awarded this lovely Lovely Blog Award by a most lovely blogger, Frauke of Journey of Handmade Fuzzy. She’s very talented with her fingers, and I own one of her porcupine pin cushions! Visit her blog and follow the link to her Zibbet shop. Her work will always lift your spirits.

In return, I have to confess seven things about myself. Are they confessions? Not sure but here goes:

• My happiest moment of the day is my first cup of coffee on an empty stomach, before kids are up, reading the New York Times on my Kindle.

• I am a cat person but am considering adopting a dog despite allergies, just to make life more complicated.

I am neglectful of watering thirsty house plants.

I am truly one of the most impatient people on earth. Hurry up. Tie your shoes.

I am a lover of all creatures except snakes and worms and things that don’t have legs.

I  am a writer recovering from 8 years of writer’s block, i.e. since my first son was yanked from my stomach behind a C-section curtain.

To cope with not writing I became a weaver. Now I weave and write. I like the “w”s in life. (Except for my kids’ whinings.)

The next rule is to pass on this award to up to 15 bloggers. I’ve decided to focus on only  three so they can take center stage:




These three are worthy of new followers if you aren’t one already. They have great hearts and inquisitive minds and make for great cyber friends.

Thanks again, Frauke, for the reward! I love you right back!

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Author;editor of The Woven Tale Press at thewoventalepress.net; mother; weaver
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4 Responses to I won an award! A Lovely One!

  1. Thank you, Sandra. I am honored!

  2. I was just thinking the other day … that I have gotten impatient lately –I think time for me to do yoga –I mean the true yoga with meditation 🙂
    Thank you Sandra for the lovely award –I am so thrilled!

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  4. Hi Sandra, Love the “just to make life more difficult” phrase! Have you tried Adopt A Pet or Pet Finder to search for that adoptable poodle?

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