Trifecta Challenge: Dinosaur

This is actually an old post, but it fits perfectly into this week’s Trifecta word challenge: dinosaur.  

It also fits into my own weekly Old-Post Resurrection Hop if anyone would like to resurrect favorite old Trifecta or any other posts gathering dust in your archives!

The brontosaurus. One of the largest animals to ever walk the planet. And of all dinosaurs, his mother’s favorite.

“Because it can eat from the tops of trees,” she’d said, when they’d been reading a favorite children’s book; the dinosaurs are cut from felt, with button eyes and sequined tails.

In the book, the brontosaurus is eating from a tree of finely embroidered leaves. “It’s like he has his head in the sky,” she’d said. She’d always linger on that page. Touch the embroidered leaves as if they weren’t a photo facsimile.

This was when he was still a toddler, but now that he was in second grade, he was reading actual factual dinosaur books. He didn’t know how to break to his mother the news: that the brontosaurus actually had been more of a land grazer – more like a lawn mower, having used its long neck close to the ground, to reach across wide bushy terrains. It had been too encumbered by its own sheer weight to move freely through tree tops. To keep it’s neck so upright, its head in the sky.

He especially didn’t know how to break the news, as she stood at the sink doing the dishes. Because sometimes, while rinsing a dish, she would look out the window, upwards, past towering pines, and he understood then why she liked the brontosaurus best. Because she might actually imagine herself as one – her sights on the sky, rather than dishes, on the scrubbing burnt rice off the bottom of a pot.

Neither did he tell her about what he’d learned about his own favorite, the Triceratops. The one he liked best because it had those three horns. Disappointed, he learned that the T-rex could actually eat him for lunch. The two long-gone dinosaurs had that in common; vegetarian eaters. He adored everything about his mother, the way he could imagine her moving through the trees. But he preferred to imagine himself as fierce. He wasn’t sure why.

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8 Responses to Trifecta Challenge: Dinosaur

  1. Pam Torres says:

    A very enjoyable post! My boys have been gone for over a year now. It ends all too quick.

  2. And then there’s the problem of the bronto becoming something else… adorable story about how a kid feels about his Mom. Two notes. — there’s a ‘w’ missing in your linkup, so it goes to nowhere. And the ‘dinosaur’ should be something outdated rather than an actual dinosaur here. 🙂

    • Sandra says:

      You mean my dino isn’t outdated? He’s still around? I’ll go out in the yard and take a look. The boys would be thrilled! lol. Thanks for headsup on my lost w.

  3. Tina says:

    What a lovely story! Kids pay more attention than we realize, and you captured that perfectly here.

  4. My older son always liked Triceratops. He’s only ten, but it’s been several years since his dinosaur phase, so this brought back memories 🙂

  5. having a realization so young! and i loved the daydreaminess of the mother.

  6. Joules says:

    I love the wistful tone to this piece and the paragraph about his mother really stood out for me. It also brought home the outdated theme with the use of brontosaurus instead of apatosaurus. Nicely done.
    Jester Queen was correct in that we were looking for the third definition of the word as listed on the Trifecta website instead of the extinct animal.
    Thanks for playing along with us this week. Be sure to come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

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