I LOVE Lucy!

I’m honored to have been asked to guest post on “Closer to Lucy.”

And I LOVE Lucy, ever since I was a child and would watch it with my Dad, on our black-and-white TV (ok, so date me). My father was very professorial, so it was a delight to hear him laugh at Lucy’s antics. She was so funny but so human all at once! You can’t not love Lucy if you can laugh at yourself. (Let’s hope – if I’m not laughing at myself, I’m probably crying).

Ok. Okay. You’ll see I adapted some of my “Momma Meltdown” to make it fit Lucy. But it was a must do, as meltdown Momma kinda fit perfect as a pretty shoe!

Anyway, You can read my post at:



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  1. Lucy is a doll. Oh my way to read your post! Thank you for linking up with the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!

  2. Found you through Lucy’s blog! I’m your newest follower! ~ http://trendymomreviews.blogspot.com

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