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Grumpy Grateful Mom Good News Link up

I’m not a lover of linkys. Rather, I don’t like new linky followers who merely post “Hi! new follower here, hope you follow me back!!” Like leaving a penny in those take-a-penny-leave-a-penny cups on cashier counters: I prefer new linky … Continue reading

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Opening a Chicken

I was making dinner. My mother called in great distress: “I can’t get it open. The chicken.” Meals having become an issue, on my weekly visits, I’ll either bring her meals to freeze, or pick up precooked meals like recently, … Continue reading

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Coming Unravelled

Well what are these? Triangles, yup… …like this one up close but not perfect… …because I had to rip the whole damn thing out. (Then I had to go make a dinner my boys wouldn’t eat anyway because they don’t like … Continue reading

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Googling Girdles

Happy New Year to all my faithful followers! And if you’re a silent regular reader, I would appreciate hearing from you;  a single comment perhaps, a raised hand from an otherwise empty seat? Every writer hopes for a full house.“It’s … Continue reading

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