Excavated Body Parts

Good News! In our investigative excavation for missing Ninja Lego man, we uncovered many missing body parts. Heads, torsos, you name it.
Even a tiny Easter bunny and the little Scottie dog from a very ancient Monopoly board game. This would make for a great Eye Spy puzzle:

The excavation site was vast:

And deep:

Kenny was in crisis, as he could not find his little red Lego Ninja. So for an hour we combed through the wreckage of literally countless Lego sets, from Star Wars, to Indiana Jones, to Batman, to Spiderman, to Ninjas.
Kenny was crying. ” He’s gone! He’s gone forever, it’s no use!”
This was most likely my fault, as I am forever scooping up these thousands of tiny Legos, at worst vacuuming them up, off the playroom floor (after threats for the boys to do so themselves fail). Panic set in. Would I actually have to buy a whole new Ninja Lego set just to replace this little red man? Would I be so suckered? I mean, it was his very, very, very very, favorite “Lego guy.”
“Kenny, did you put him in your pocket?” I didn’t remember Ninja man going through the wash though, along with the  marbles and rocks Kenny would collect.
“Noooo, he wasn’t in my pooooocket,” he drawled, as only Kenny can drawl so dramatically.
Suddenly Kenny brightened. He remembered where he was! He stumbled through the body parts strewn across the floor and flew up the basement steps.
He returned with….red Ninja man!

All this time, thumb-size Mr. Red Ninja was in Kenny’s backpack.

Now we could sweep up all the Legos back into their boxes. 

Though I wished we’d first swept up all the dead flies we’d been swatting down there this January….
For more news on the fly front, drop by here on your virtual coffee break next week, for One-Upon-a-Tale Tuesday!

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8 Responses to Excavated Body Parts

  1. Lego are the best. My girl loves them. I am also always vacuuming them up. It is always so much fun to step on them 😀

  2. Oh, this is precious!! And so like something my kids would do lol!! Looking at the pictures makes me thankful that Legos have never been an obsession of any of my kids. We’ve had lots of collections, but never legos. Though I have always wished they would because I LOVE building with them!

  3. Hooray for finding red ninja! Your story made me laugh! And the photos are awesome. It can be traumatic losing something so precious. I think Kenny will have fun reading this to his own kids someday.

  4. Emmy says:

    Oh Legos! I bless them and curse them in the same sentence. Glad order was restored :). Thanks for commenting on my blog

  5. I know this scenario all too well…though our experience is with a most treasured hotwheel, matchbox, truck, car hauler…I have a car fanatic on my hands. Glad the ninja was found safe and sound…that is good news!

  6. Tara says:

    That’s awesome!! I’m glad the ninja was safe and sound in the backpack.

  7. amazey says:

    Oh the reason that I won’t buy legos. Glad you found him!

  8. Lourie says:

    Oh my goodness! I am not sure what is worse…the missing lego man or the fact that I knew exactly which one you meant! Eeeks! SO glad he was recovered. Peace and joy in the land once again. 🙂

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